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These wonderful animals have found the homes of their dreams!

(Click on the little picture to see a larger one!)


Annabelle is about a year and a half old, and found a new home because her owner
had to move overseas. She is sweet and likes kids and other dogs.


Sweet Little Brindle Girl

This "found dog" weighed about 19 pounds and has found home!

Jack and Jill ...

Jack (orange) and Jill (grey) were just over six weeks old when put up for adoption! They are great together ...


Rupert is six or seven months old, and he can hardly sit still! He's healthy,
neutered and his shots are current. He likes other cats, bunnies, and dogs!
(And people!) After being abandoned in a city park, Rupert was adopted
by his foster mom!

   Two Little Girl Kittens

These two sweeties were born on August 25th. One a tabby, the other looks
like a tabby/tortie. The are soooo sweet and loving, and they've each found
a loving home!


Heidi is a five year old German Shepherd spayed female. She's very friendly with people,
but had some issues with other dogs. It took a special family to take her home!


Cinco is a sweet and friendly male Siamese cat. He's about seven years old, and weighs 11 lbs. 
He's decided to stay at our hospital!


Hansel and Gretel

Hansel & Gretel are four pounds each of furry love, loving their new home! This brother and
sister were found by the side of the road behind a dumpster, appear to have been dumped
because they love people!

Pretty Gray Kitty!

This lost little girl found her owners and is now at her old home!

Miss Puddin' ...

Meet Miss Puddin, quite possibly the World's Best Cat.  This Calico beauty has such a great personality,
she could win over the coldest of hearts in under 5 minutes. Her foster mom kept her!



This little boy poodle is about seven years old, and of course
he found a great home!

Two Kittens ...

... have found a great home!


Sheba is part yellow lab, and is a VERY sweet little girl! She loves to have her belly rubbed,
and she likes cats, too! She loves her new home!


Hi, I'm Stormy, and I'm an adult girl bunny that somebody abandoned in Mt. Storm park.
Now I'm living permanently with my foster mother!


Zoe is about three or four years old, and she was found running about on Columbia Parkway with a mangled leg.
A good Samaritan rescued Zoe, and after successful surgery to remove the leg, she's very happy! She found a
great home with an understanding owner.


This sweet little (22 lbs.) girl is Buttercup. She's been living in a foster home for a while,
and her foster mom has decided to keep her!


Hazel is about three months old, and has found a loving home!


Apple is a four-month-old little girl lab mix that now lives in a great permanent home!

Samson is a 4.5 year old Rottweiler given up by his owners.  He is an exceptionally good dog
and an even better rottie. He is in a great home with loving owners!

Buddy / Brutus

This very cute one-year-old boy appears to be mostly Rottweiler. He's as sweet
as can be - he loves other dogs and likes to play with kids! He's just moved into
his new home, and is loving it!


Sandy is a sweet little girl about four or five years old. She may be a MaltiPoo,
or some other mix of tiny dogs, who knows! She's loving her new family!

Scooter and Scout ...

Scooter (aka Stewie) was about seven weeks old and Scout (orange) was about
eight weeks old. These lovely boys are living in a permanent home!


Mama Cat and her Baby Girl

Mama Cat is a year or two old and her baby girl (looks a lot like mama!)
are in their new homes!


Julian is about six months old, and will be going to his new home shortly!


Gabby and Fritz ...

Gabby, was a two month old little girl. Fritz is mostly beagle, 2 years old.
Both have wonderful new homes!


One Happy Family ...

The members of this happy family have all been adopted!!


Trumpie [nickname for Trumpet] is a sweet little girl, about a year and a half old
and full grown at maybe 45 pounds soaking wet!
This very friendly [and high energy] mixed-breed puppy has found her dream home!


Conrad is about two years old, neutered, and appears to be 100% Akita! He's sooooo friendly ...
he loves his new home!

A Special Family of Cats ...

Click here, or on the picture above, to learn about these cats that need
loving homes!



Hi! My name is Ginny, and I am the last Hurricane Katrina rescue dog at the animal hospital to
find a home. I have worked very hard to overcome many obstacles, both physical and
emotional, and I have turned out to be a GREAT dog!



Picasso is a real work of art! Picasso is FIV positive, and has found himself a great new home!


Chips is a young (about one year) intact male that was found near Eden Park.




The Hurricane Katrina Dogs ...
and a few of their friends, have all found homes! Click below to learn more.

Lyric ...

Lyric is a sweet and pretty little girl about nine months old ... and is going to her new home!


Sapphire is just moving into her new loving home! This sweet tiny mix (Pekingese/Pomeranian?) is
nine weeks old, and weighs about three pounds; she may get to ten pounds when she's fully grown!


Lucy is a little German Shepherd, not yet two years old. She weighs about 40 lbs.,
has been spayed, and has had all of her shots. She's a real sweet girl, and loving
her new life!

Two Beautiful Rats!

These two lovely girls have found the perfect home together!


Sashie is a one year old little girl, a mix (collie cocker?),  spayed, and
has had her shots. She's house broken, very loving, loves dogs and cats ...
forty pounds of sweetness, a perfect dog for her new owners!


Lola is about one year old has a wonderful new home!



This new arrival was four weeks old ... he's very sweet, and very, very tiny!
He loves his new home!



Moose is so named because, at one year old, he weighs 95 pounds! He's so very sweet
(as all labs are!) and he's found a loving home.


Herky is a sweet little boy that was found wandering in Kentucky.
He has a new home, and a new name: Beccan!


**  Remmy  **


Remmy, a rotweiler mix, is five or so years old, found in St. Bernard Parish after
Hurricane Katrina, chained to a washing machine inside his house, his doggie friend nearby dead.
He was dehydrated and urinating blood, not long for the world, but with great care, he's alive
and happy! He is a very sweet boy, ready for a new life, in his new home!!

Kittens! (And mama, too!)

Four little kitties and Mama have all found new homes!



Mimi was found hanging out behind the Blue Manatee bookstore.
She actually has found her original owners, and is back at home.


Arrow is a Kerry Blue Terrier, who is just beginning a new life in Washington, DC!!

Leslie Ann

This is Leslie Ann, a 7 year old spayed female Scottie, that has been abandoned
twice by two different owners. She now has a wonderful home near Dayton, and
has her own fenced backyard!

Jacque is a four year old grey brindle Scottie, and he has just moved
into his new home!!


Meet Clyde ... he's a six year old boy who loves everyone (including dogs!)
an he's found a new home!


Milo is a six month old Huskie ... who is loving his new home!


Turkey was found on Thanksgiving, hence the name! She's a Lab mix,
about four years old, and she found a loving home with one of our


Oscar is an eight month old blue Pomeranian who found a loving home.


Gracie is a ten week old calico kitty who found a great home!


Baxter is a neutered male Chihuahua mix and weighs all of 13 pounds! He loves attention ... and loves
his new home!


This one year old little girl found a loving home with a co-worker of the foster mom.

Finn ... A Very Special Kitty ...

Finn is learning her way around her new home ... not so easy, because she cannot see or hear! But she's happy!


Meet Killian, a five year old male pedigreed Siberian Husky. He very quickly found a new home,  thanks to
Dana, his great foster mom!


Cici is so unbelievably sweet ... we are so glad to see her in a new home! Here she is with her new friend, Bailey!


Bell found a home after ONE DAY!! Thanks to her new owners!


Terry is a neutered sable Sheltie who is 8 yrs. old.
He's in a new home now!

Six Kittens & Mom!!

These six kitties are now several months old, and in new homes!

Five Little Kittens!!

These little guys (orange) ... and girls (the others), have found homes!


Tre never bites his new owner ... so he must like him!

Brothers ...

... are living happy lives in two separate homes!


Jeannie is loving her new home!

Seven Little Puppies!!

Yes, every single one of these puppies found a wonderful home ... no surprise there!

Midge found a home!!

Midge is a very special girl ... because of her looks, some people shied away. But a great lady took a chance,
and gave Midge a wonderful home!

(Midge gets two photos!!)


This 14-year-old lady has a new home!


Rudy has found a loving home!


Tucker was adopted by his foster parents!


Gizmo thanks everyone who thought of adopting him!


Gracie's foster parents ... have become her permanent mom and dad!


Alfie is a middle aged Cocker Spaniel that is very gentle.


Allie was adopted quickly!


Twelve week old Maxwell has a new family!


Allie ate a fishhook, and survived to tell about it! She also found a loving home.


A common story ... the foster mommy keeps the kitty! (Your intrepid photographer
got his dog this way, as well!)



Karmen has a new home ... we'll let you know how she likes it!

Mango has a new home! Thanks!


I'm a sweet one-year-old girl. I delivered four beautiful babies on ... Valentine's Day! I am happy
in my new home!


Arthur has found his new home, with four other kitty friends ... he's shy, and just learning to come out to play!


Marley the Border Collie has a great home!


This adult male neutered kitty is a real sweety!


Chuckles is living it up with his new mom, and sometimes he comes and visits his old friends!


After surviving two badly broken legs, Celtie has her own happy family now!



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