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If you visit the Animal Hospital you are sure to see (at the very least!) several of our 'house' pets.
These animals live here, and range from fish to guinea pigs! But you are most likely to see our cats ...
Jimmy practically lives on top of the printer ... and Webster is often out front as well.
And the big marine tank can't be missed! (Yes, each of the fish has a name!) Plus a few that live
'in the back' ... so we'll show you what they look like, as they don't come out and play!


Jumbo has a leaky heart, which is why he will stay with us all his life!
He is just learning to use the microscope.


Birdie is another energetic kitty, fairly new to her Animal Hospital home.




Gremlin ...this little girl LOVES to talk and play! She's a small cat, and you'll notice that she
has a bit of an odd tail!


Sammich is quite a little character ... he's the "one eye love"!
The doctors here patched
him up after a car accident.


Cinco is a sweet and friendly male Siamese cat. He's about seven years old, and weighs 11 lbs. 
He's decided to stay at our hospital!


Here is Ned, whose cage sits next to another birdy ...
it turns out that he's a girl!




Flo is Ned's next door neighbor!





 This is Jimmy, the 'fat cat' of the bunch. He is nearly
always available for petting!


Here the late great Doug is grooming  our little PJ ...
who loves to ride on your shoulders!



And we'll miss these guys ...


Thimble was really sweet. Besides a cloudy eye, he had a bad heart,
but all of his days here were happy.!


Webster was often hiding behind the counter ... but
he was not really shy. He was our oldest cat, at 16 years
or more - nobody knows!



Dougie was a wonderful kitty with a very noisy heart! He was a little
shy and wasn't seen up front very much. With lots of care and love he
lived many happy years!



Sammy would jump up on your lap while you are sitting
in our lobby! He lived to be a very old man!


Paulie, who lived in the grooming room ...

and Ming, who lived in the doctor's office ...

The three little pigs have departed  ... but we thought you'd like to see them ...

Deli wasn't here long, but is remembered by all!




Pickle lived with an employee and had a long and happy life.

Nestor was a bearded dragon ... a very
friendly lizard that lived in the back.


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