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While the Animal Hospital on Mt. Lookout Square does not accept strays, from time to time we know of animals
that need a good home. Be sure that you are ready for the commitment before accepting a pet ...
they don't come with a warranty, and you usually can't return them! All adult animals are spayed or neutered.
Some of the animals have a modest adoption fee to cover any inoculations or spay/neuter operations.

Click on the photos to see a larger version!!



This little guy was found curled up in a small box, near death. See how skinny he was before
the vets and technicians at our hospital have nursed him back to health! Melvin is about two years old, and
was just neutered. He is back up to a normal weight, has a full coat, and is trying to learn some better
house manners, but he gets better every day. We've become very fond
of Melvin!
Clients in good standing will be given adoption preference.

See Facebook for videos of Melvin!


Augie is a sweet little boy, about six years old. He's very mellow and affectionate, and
he loves to be brushed! He seems to get along with everyone. He has all of his claws.
To find out more, or to meet Augie, just call the Animal Hospital!


Meet Willow, a charming little girl in desparate need of a loving permanent home.
She's about eight months old, spayed, vaccinated, and is FIV negative. She loves
to sit in the window and watch birds! Call Laurie at 513-276-0801 or
email lbriggs@cinci.rr.com for more information.


JJ is about a year and a half old. He's a sweet, shy boy, but he wants to play with the other kitties.
He seems to have a bit of a fear of dogs, however. He is neutered, current with all vaccinations, and
has all of his claws. Call the Animal Hospital for more details.


Suki is a heartbreaker- a very affectionate and charming dog who prefers to be the only pet in
the home.  She is about four years old and about 55 pounds.She is a rather quiet
dog in general, who is full of energy and would like a lot of exercise and to lavish her family
with love.  To meet Suki call Amy at 513-515-9773.  





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